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I’m so excited to share some great news with you. On Dec 9, 2014, I will be the featured Inspirational Luminary on, sharing my wisdom with the world. This FREE website is one to bookmark!

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From the folks at Inspire Me Today and from me, thank you in advance for your kind support. I know you’re going to love! Together we really can inspire the world.

Be inspired,

Sidney Andrews

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Our Highest Calling

How do we turn any negative into a positive if not by raising the collective consciousness of humanity! Thoughts are energy and just as energy travels through an electric cord to produce light, so do our thoughts create the energetic wave that rises and travel’s unlimited distances to enact a response, be it positive or negative.

Each of us, by virtue of our thoughts that give birth to words and then action, will either hurt or heal what ails humanity. We human’s are master’s of dis-ease and need to be re-minded that our spirit, or the essence that we are, is the path to healing and changing times.

Until we evolve, opening our minds to all the possibilities life holds to change the course of history, bringing peace to war torn worlds, nourishment to all who hunger, equality and freedom for all of humanity, live without judgment and see the significance of living from a place of love, rather than fear; freedom from disease and injustice will remain elusive. Until then, we walk a tight rope between political and medical solutions believing this to be the answer to our human dilemma.

An alternative solution awaits our discovery and it all begins within each and every one of us; answers from the world beyond our eyes have not been forth coming, or successful, when it comes to the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being of our humanity or the environment. This alone should tell us how important and vital our thoughts are to the healing of the collective consciousness.

Until we open our minds and hearts to the realization that each and everyone of us is responsible for what we create with the thoughts we think, hold on; it’s going to continue to be a bumpy ride, because “Our thought will take us anywhere we want to go, or keep us from getting there.” From “Journey into Thought” Awakening to Spirit.

I believe we can and will rise to the occasion, because that’s why we are here, in this place and this time.



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Be Present Now

How often are your thoughts, emotions, body and spirit in alignment? When you’re having dinner with your family, friends, or co-worker, are you really present, of course your body is, but where are your thoughts? Are you listening without hearing, because your mind is scrambled with thoughts of work, getting the laundry done, finances and what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?

Whatever it is you’re doing, or whomever you’re with, are you really there? Are you fully participating in conversation, or is your body an empty shell with nobody home, because your thoughts are else where? Do you half listen and find yourself tuned out rather than tuned in?

Minute to minute, we’re bombarded by sounds and noise from the world outside our eyes; add to that our own inner chatter and it’s no wonder we find ourselves lost in conversation, forgetting what we were just going to say, or not hearing what someone is trying to tell us. We can’t be tuned in and tuned out at the same time.

Listening is a difficult task to begin with. We each have these little critters in our heads competing for attention; distracting us from being here now. I think of listening as an art form that requires focus, attention, presence, and being fully in the moment. When you think about it, the present moment is all we ever have, yet we spend so little time being there.

You cheat yourself and others when you allow your harried pace and constant mind chatter to run interference with the peace and stillness that living from spirit offers. Your life doesn’t have to be a race to that next meeting, convention, exit sign, or the illusory finish line. You are not in competition with anyone other than yourself. Don’t strive or drive yourself into finishing first; instead, stop, pause, take a deep breath, look around, listen, and be present in your life and the lives of others.


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Back on Track

Off line for a few weeks because of illness. Now back on track, stronger than ever and determined to make a positive contribution, via my writing! My blessings for you all, only exceed my gratefulness for all the good life has to offer us, if we walk with eyes wide open, listening ears and gratitude for each moment that gives us an opportunity to live our best life, with the awareness that, in doing so we can help each other grow into the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual beings we were intended to become. Each of us, by virtue of our thoughts, can raise humanity up to the level where faith replaces fear, calm replaces anxiety, love replaces hate, unity replaces divisiviness, courage replaces inaction, risk replaces comfort, and gratitude replaces hopelessness. We may all march to a different drummer and dance to different music; still we are one in spirit and that trumps all the differences in the world! Be you, in and under all circumstances! Blessings

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The Choice to Follow or Lead

Jesus was one of the greatest teacher’s of His time. He was the total manifestation of love and compassion. Still, He is but one of many paths to the One God, or the All in All. Each of God’s creations contains a cell of God; therefore God in us, is the hope of all healing.

Each of us, is the experiencing part of God; we are the spirit/essence of all that God is. The problem is, from the beginning of time, man’s writing, as well as his interpretation of the Bible, humanity has lived in fear at every level. Religion’s thrive on the fear’s of the faithful. Strange isn’t it!

To think and search for the meaning of God and our purpose in His plan, is a threat to traditional religion. Dare not question nor reach into the depths of your own spirit for the answers that have escaped humanity for centuries.

We need but look around observe and listen; if we have ears to hear and eyes to see it is self-evident that religion, has been but a stepping stone to a greater and authentic truth, denied for all too long.

I once read that “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” Wayne Dyer.This makes sense when one considers that it is the breath of life, God, the All in All, or the Universe if you wish to define it, that has infused our physical forms with the spiritual energy that holds all this matter together.

We’ve been taught not to question authority, rather to follow blindly, because there is, after all, only “One Way” to the truth, and whatever your religious affiliation happens to be, your way is the “one way!

The greatest secret never revealed by the religion’s of the world is that “religion” promotes and contributes to divisiveness, separation, and exclusion of any and all who question their authority, rather than the “God” authority that dwells within each of us. As long as we continue to attempt to define “God” with our finite minds, our humanity will suffer and all manner of atrocities will continue.

In my 72 years, I’ve observed the reverence, kindness, compassion, non-judgmental, open minded, forgiving and God loving folks, many of whom have never read the Bible. They seem to live from a place deep within themselves and from an essence/spirit that demonstrates and reflects the “God” within.

If each of us could trust ourselves enough to step out and invite religious leaders to, not only open their doors; moreover, expand their minds and hearts to embrace all who are searching; we could close the divide that exists, just by being fully inclusive of all God’s children.  We could evolve as spiritual beings with a single mission, to heal ourselves and one another.

When we shape our outer life from the essence and guidance of spirit, choose to live by faith and not the fears we’ve been taught, embrace love and the concept of “Oneness” then we shall know the true God and the world will know peace.



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Embrace Who You Were, Who You are Now and Who You Choose to Become


Our thoughts are the foundation our life rests upon, as we change our thoughts the direction of our life’s journey changes as well.

Unexpected roadblocks or challenges that we find ourselves confronted with on life’s journey, are moments when Grace appears, (that soft whisper or nudging) that reveals us to ourselves; a yard stick for measuring our spiritual growth. It’s no different than measuring your physical weight by stepping on a scale. Both reveal something about you, don’t they? They are valuable opportunities or barometers that gage whether or not, you’re moving in the direction of your dreams and goals to be all you’re capable of becoming, physically and spiritually.

We are given the opportunity, in each present moment, of ditching any and all thoughts that impact our life negatively. Awareness is the key to accomplishing this feat, as it guides us in choosing the higher road or taking a positive approach to problem solving.

Problems are actually possibilities in disguise, just as challenges are opportunities waiting for our recognition. Do you ever wonder why certain problems or disturbances keep cropping up in your life; the same old thing repeating itself, whether it’s a situation, discussion or event causing you to react in a way that robs you of your inner peace. This is a hint, or eye opener to the reality that, if you don’t change your thoughts or reactions to life’s occurrences, you’ll attract more of the same into your life; the same old problems, issues, miss-understandings and negative outcomes.

When we realize we are our own best problem solver, then we are in a position to reject the negative thought patterns that have moved us in a direction, we may not, otherwise, have chosen. What results is you and I learn the art of non-reaction, realizing that no look, words, insinuations, insults, rejections or whatever the situation may present is about us.

Those who would insult or strike out at you, is due to a pain, insecurity or fear deep within that person. Their perception of you is blurred by their inability to see their own self worth. Perhaps their lacking self-assurance, feel insecure in their own skin, fearful or overwhelmed by life’s pressures or past hurts. You may be the target, but the person who is striking out, is attempting to control, manipulate, or make you feel inferior, whether by look, word, or action, because they, themselves, are a victim of their own life circumstances.

Is someone lashing out at us ever justified? Absolutely not! Does it justify a reaction from us? No, not if we want to maintain balance and harmony in our own life. Remind yourself that no one else’s thoughts of or about me, are more important that the thoughts I have of or about myself! Choose in favor of yourself, by opting to not to react to life’s outer drama. Flavor your path with authentic truth and let your spirit be your guide.

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Who Am I

Have you taken a few minutes to stand in front of a mirror and gaze into your eyes with abandon? It’s an awesome and freeing exercise.
Focus with intent into your eyes and ask the question “Who am I?” Be still and listen to the one and only answer possible, “You are Spirit!” It is said “The eyes are the mirror of the soul.” You will discover your true authentic essence when you ask that simple question. Who am I?
We’ve been taught to believe that we are merely a body; yet how can that be? Without our inner spirit/essence, the breath of life that keeps this body in physical form, and our heart beating, we’d be void of this form that has been gifted with life by the spirit/essence/breath that sustains us.
No need to take what I offer as the only way to live your best life. Stand in front of the mirror, ask the question and discover for yourself the answer that you, like me, have  been seeking for a long time. I Am Spirit!
This awareness will guide you on a path that will, indeed fulfill your deepest dreams, wishes and goals for living a life that can overcome or beat any odds. Obstacles will become stepping stones to possibilities and problems will become opportunities to growth. Most importantly your thoughts will embrace the light that will eminate from within you; this is when your thoughts will begin to work for, and no longer against you.
This is how we begin to change from entertaining what we don’t want to show up in our life experience, to embracing a new thought that says “I Can, I matter, I’m worthy, I will”
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Perpetual Publicity with Bruce Cadle

I’m excited to share this grand opportunity for learning more about the secrets to “free publicity!”

Whether you are an author, business owner or entrapreneur, if success is your goal, and I’m sure it is, the information and growth option with Bruce Cadle will prove priceless.

I’m enrolled in Bruce’s four week coaching session on “Perpetual Publicity” and can already envision the end from the beginning.

As an inspired author, with a passion for growth and with the opportunity that Bruce provides to accomodate my inexperience, I’m prepared to reach beyond my own grasp, to one who has the knowledge and spirit that can help me light my way to success.

See his offering’s, for yourself, at:


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We Are Spirit Manifested in Form

We come from spirit and are born fearless, blameless and without guilt, remaining as such, until we are taught differently. We come into this world color blind, not knowing of prejudice, inequality, judgment or that injustice exists, until w are taught differently. We arrive as a free spirit, with no conception of humiliation, intimidation and limitation, until we are taught differently, that is.

From infancy and onward we discovered by observing and listening, that we were no longer a free spirit. There were demands, expectations and conditions placed upon our being. As we grew we learned again by observation, that we weren’t truly a human being rather, a human doing, and were expected to follow the path of the human doing way of life.

Little by little our way of being in the world, faded into the shadows and our spirit became obscured or hidden, having been overwhelmed by the expectations, demands and conditions that come with living in a body. Soon, we forgot our true identity or essence, as we imitated all that we observed on our travels from infancy to adulthood.

Once upon a time we were that little child, oh, we’ve grown taller and older, but that child, in all its innocence is hiding in the shadows of our memory just as your spirit is seated within; both waiting to be re-discovered and awakened to the freedom and innocence that we arrived on earth with. You and I long to be re-connected to that child/spirit relationship in all its wholeness, connected to all that is good, kind, forgiving, loving and understanding.

We were created out of, and came from love so we might know the joy of living, loving being loved and experiencing total physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

We can re-connect with spirit by first learning to love ourselves. Unlike a balloon without air that cannot take flight we can, once again, call on the invisible energy of our inner spirit and receive the gift of flight, freedom and healing that comes with authentic love and living ones authentic truth.

There’s no mountain too high if we live from the essence of who we are, which is “spirit.” We are here to heal ourselves and the world and it’s more than possible! It’s our thoughts that count and we can choose the thoughts we think and thereby achieve our deepest dreams. Blessings


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